Aadhar Group at International Trade Fair

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Aadhar Group emerged as a unique stall where numerous queries were thoroughly entertained.

India is a country where opportunities keep emerging from time to time; people and entities are given a platform to showcase their talent. One of those platforms is India International Trade Fair, where National and International Organisations come together to mark their presence. Indian Trade Promotion Organisation brings this 2-week long trade fair cum festival every year, where buyers and investors meet sellers and promoters. This year the number of domestic and international participants in Indian Trade Fair reached up to 1,000, where Aadhar Group emerged as a unique stall where numerous queries were thoroughly entertained.

The stall allowed the real estate group to touch upon a much larger number of people and consumers. The stall was put up to inform people of various projects of the Aadhar Group. This marketing stint by the real estate company became a huge success and at the helm of this success was the offer of booking an office space at Rs 3.5 lakhs in National Business Centre, Greater Noida West. Speaking on the success of the stall at the Trade Fair, official spokesperson for Aadhar Group notified that the stall turned out to be a huge success. It was visited by people in vast numbers and Aadhar Group received many bookings. The response from consumers has been overwhelming for them. The Delhi-NCR based real estate developer is receiving various enquiry calls post the trade fair.

The office spaces are available in two sizes of 135 sq ft carpet area and 165 sq ft of carpet area. Consumers can book office space of 135 sq ft at Rs 3.5 lakh and booking amount for 165 sq ft is Rs 4.27 lakh. This particular offering had piqued the interest of people and the stall was seen flocked by people in large numbers.

Last modified: December 14, 2015

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