Aliens Space Station – An ideal residential project based on Conceptual Landscape design

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Aliens Space Station is an ideal residential project based on the concept of ‘Quality living’. The landscape and structure is an indisputable advantage of the project. It is one of the crucial factors and reasons for continuing environmental enhancement, initial promotional identity, livability of the community and outdoor enjoyment. It has employed angular, asymmetrical patterns and three dimensional forms of the buildings as its foundation.

Aliens space station landscape views whole

Aliens Group developers have embedded several basic features and design motifs in the project to maintain the overall visual consistency with specific details-colors, surface materials and planting arrangements.

Aliens space station project image
Aliens Space Station has linear planes of water scattered throughout the site which serve the purpose of separations between public and private space, act as visual focal points at times or the surprise elements within the landscape. A filtering ceiling to structural voids and shade or spatial enclosure in gardens and patios is provided by the metal trellises within the building podium.

Aliens space station full view Aliens space station site maps full Aliens space station landscape view Aliens Space Station landscape

The timber decks and boardwalks ensure natural warmth in the hardscape palette. They also help in creating a strongly identifiable feature in the organization of the site. The edge between the site and building is blurred by the paved and planted terraces that spill off the edges of the building podium dropping down to the lake and to the project boundaries to blend the podium walls into the landscape. A combination of feature walls, planting beds, and pools separate the public space from the residential tower landscape maintaining security and privacy for residents and providing a visual connection between public and private space.

Last modified: July 11, 2016

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