Aliens Space Station- state-of-the-art project by Aliens Group

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aliens space station  Aliens Space Station is an ideal residential 30 floor high-rise apartment project. The project has structural advantage due to its S-shaped structure which is significantly superior to the conventional structures of buildings.  The structure of Aliens Space Station is according to the international norms.


The project is earthquake resistant and not affected by any seismic factors. Thus it is globe oriented and also has a major geological advantage over the conventional structures. The unique and exclusive S-shape of the apartment provides an access to abundant sun light, air and ventilation from all the sides.


This structure employed by Aliens Group has distinctive features like raft foundation which increases the life of the building. It is a mass footing/foundation where the load is taken by a single mass and distributed equally over a large area and to the earth.

This type of foundation is highly preferred over isolated footing which uses individual foundation transferring the load to earth.  Individual foundation can withstand load only up to a certain limit as there are no links between individual footings.


The Gigantic S-shape structure of Aliens space station has transverse slabs which enable the transfer of any given load eccentricity from one location to another rather than transferring the entire load directly on a single point. It transfers the weight to the ground by distributing it horizontally. The Reinforced cement concrete walls and structure also prevent the direct transfer of the load to the ground and avoiding any hindrances. The Shear walls in Aliens Space Station are resistant to external forces and can withstand heavy winds and load. They enable the uniform distribution of wind and light in all directions. These features along with interconnected corridors make Aliens Space Station an ideal and state-of-the-art project by Aliens Group.

Last modified: October 1, 2015

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