Arun Dev Builders Suggest: Top 5 Points to Bear in Mind when Choosing Curtains

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Manners maketh a man and curtains maketh a room. Interior décor experts from Arun Dev Builders reckon that when you have a fully furnished room with beautiful window frames, you’ll need attractive curtains to match them too. Treating your windows with the right selection of curtains is imperative if you wish to complement everything in the room with everything else. For example, a classical study complete with huge bookcases and flowing woodwork will look better with caramel or white layered curtains made from satin. Arun Dev Builders present five important points you should consider while choosing curtains for your room.

Arun Dev Builders

What’s the curtain made of?

The fabric and quality of weave play a significant role in setting the tone of the room. A satin curtain might give the room an amour-ish feel that is best for the rooms of newly-wedded couples or a honeymoon suite.

Color of the curtains

According to Arun Dev Builders, the color of the curtain is also an important factor that contributes to a room’s ambience. Sunlight tends to increase the rate of fading of curtains. So if your room is big and receives a lot of sunlight, avoid buying curtains with light shaded colors.

Curtain size

Long curtains can give a sense of depth to the room. You can put the curtains quite high to give the room a dramatic twist.

Custom windows

If you can’t do anything about the curtains, it’s better to change the windows. Custom treatments are in fashion these days. You can find a huge collection of window panels with intricate designs to complete your room. However, this may be a pricey option.

Is consultation a good idea?

Some interior decoration companies and real estate developers offer on-site consultation. It can be a costly affair, but saves you from the mind-numbing problems that you might face when you go to the market to buy curtains.

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Last modified: June 13, 2017

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Arun Dev Builders Suggest: Top 5 Points to Bear in Mind when Choosing Curtains

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