Arun Dev Builders’ MD forays into food processing for farmer welfare

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Manoj Bhardwaj, Food Processing PlantThe Managing Director of Arun Dev Builders, Manoj Bhardwaj, is in talks with the authorities to set up a food processing plant in rural areas of Central India. The objective of setting up this plant is to increase agricultural exports and investments for the amelioration of the Indian farmers and agriculture sector.

As with his endeavours on real estate, Arun Dev Builder’s focus has once again shifted to the lower income groups. Bhardwaj wants to ensure that this time it should be the farmers who must become the beneficiaries of the group’s initiatives.

“Farmers are often held back from their rights to make money. Even after shedding their sweat and time, they earn nothing, as compared to how it is sold in the market. Therefore, my aim is to help them not only in terms of farming techniques but also in terms of industrial skills,” said Manoj Bharadwaj.

He added, “I am just contributing a bit towards the society. For me this is nothing new, I am building, with a difference,” said Manoj Bharadwaj when asked about his plans to expand horizons in the food processing sector. His endeavour consists of exporting processed foods like Indian spices and dry fruits which has high demand overseas.

The projects include establishing a community by bringing farmers and scientists. This will provide a scope of co-learning, whilst farmers will benefit from scientific aids in terms of harvesting as well as other agricultural practices. Educating farmers about the new techniques of cultivation and increasing the fertility of the land, crop productivity will increase and the farmers will directly benefit from employment in offseason. It is likely that the scientific techniques of using fertilisers, insecticides, and pesticides can drastically improve the agricultural output of poor farmers in the Central Indian belt.

With a state-of-the-art Food Processing Plant, under the Make in India Initiative, the agro-produce will be processed and directly sent for export.

Manoj Bhardwaj is hopeful that the rise in exports and investments through the food processing unit will pave the way for the development in the cottage and small-scale industries, and create a whole new real estate market in rural areas. This can raise the income of farmers and employ them during the off seasons.

Arun Dev Builders’ MD is all set to initiate the development of clusters across the targeted regions, helping the farmers grow crops independently. Moreover, in the later stages, overall development in the regions will take place, in the form of infrastructure. The entire course of action will be supported by the expansion of food processing, packaging, and logistics sectors would come up in these regions, sources said. The company is also planning to establish more such agro-industrial clusters in other parts of the country, in the coming years.


Last modified: December 21, 2017

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Arun Dev Builders’ MD forays into food processing for farmer welfare

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