Chandru Raheja envisions a greener environment with K Raheja Corp

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Real estate uses a number of resources, which are important for the survival of mankind. However, the builders and owners hardly realize the same. With a lot of construction going around in many parts of the world, the resources are depleting fast. An evasive action is necessary, sooner than later.

As a community, we need to realize the importance of going green. For a long-term sustainability, the realty sector needs to wake up. Energy saving and water conservation must be on top priority.

At this juncture, developers have to be more responsible to switch the preferences. An eminent name amongst the realtors, Chandru Raheja, Chairman of K Raheja Corp, has been successfully leading his business ahead in the green development drive. He has well and truly shifted the focus to a greener tomorrow.

Back in 2007, the company signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the CII-Green Building Council, as an initiation towards the industry’s responsibility to construct green buildings. Green practices and green buildings are now an inherent part of the Company’s growth strategy.

Leading the way in this regard, K Raheja Corp has been growing with an idea of promoting sustainability. The company has become more involved in employing latest construction technologies for long-term sustainable construction practices. With a massive effort put in by the leaders of the group, K Raheja Corp has been delivering some of the best green effigies across its commercial, residential, hospitality and other businesses.

Some of the important ideas and concepts are:

1.    Net Zero Concept

These buildings rely on renewable sources to produce as much energy as they consume. Buildings that consume slightly more energy than they produce are known as ‘near-zero energy buildings’. On the other hand, buildings producing a surplus of energy can be called ‘energy-plus buildings’.

With this concept, energy is measured for every year. These kind of buildings do not depend on any external source for water and energy.

2.    Heating ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)

Today, the construction process involves HVAC, which labels such buildings as modern. Under this system, a series of ducts are distributed throughout the house, which allows warm, cool, or dehumidified air to flow. The most convenient way to cool the entire house is to incorporate a central HVAC system.

3.    Glazing

It is a technique which reduces the effect of heat entering the building. With ‘E’ Double Glazed Glass, the inside part of the building is much cooler. Energy costs are lowered and a cleaner and brighter environment is created.

4.    Low-emitting materials

Green buildings use local and recycled material that emit lower energy. With reduced use of VOC, paints, sealants, and adhesives are considered to be better for the environment, and can be used around people with environmental sensitivities.

5.    Water Conservation

It is one of the major social issues. It is also important for green development. For a better balance between consumption and conservation – recycling water through sewage treatment plants, and reusing it for flushing and landscaping is vital.

With a constant support from Chandru Raheja, K Raheja Corp‘s utilization of technology complements its green efforts immensely, benefiting the workforce and society as a whole.

Last modified: November 22, 2018

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