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Corporate Social Responsibility has not been characterized in any peculiarity but the fact that runs normal in CSR exercises is the positive effect that it has on the general public and the societal expectations that it satisfies. CMRS Group trusts that though the focal point of CSR lies around humanitarian exercises that incorporate donations, alleviation work, and gifts, the idea has been perpetually developing.

CMRS Group has fulfilled its Corporate Social Responsibilities through introducing concepts like triple bottom line, corporate citizenship, philanthropy, strategic philanthropy, shared value, corporate sustainability and business responsibility.

The Group has been the pioneer of incorporating many new technologies. It has been using the Pyramid Energy structure which belongs to the ancient Egyptian times. Pyramid power is called supernatural power and has many beneficial properties. The ancient scriptures of the Indian culture also believe in the power of these objects, as do various metaphysics studies.

CMRS has also been an active promoter and implementer of a greener living. Projects by CMRS exhibit a greener living that has reduced the negative repercussions on environment. It believes in the motto of ‘Green Living’ which implies towards living in such a way that keeps your home environmental friendly and reduces your carbon footprints. It also promotes the usage of organic foods which promote a better health as well as a better society.

CMRS Group has also started a unique venture that resolves to provide spiritual wisdom to those who are willingly seeking it. The Group is a firm upholder of the conception of untangling the spiritual secrets within this life. It imparts knowledge and in-depth training for individuals seeking to further their personal and spiritual growth, to be more skillful in all areas of life, or to enter a professional career.

So, the Group proudly stands among the ones that fulfill their social responsibility and delivers excellence that contributes to environmental betterment.

Last modified: October 23, 2015

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