Emaar MGF’s role in social welfare

Emaar MGF, Real Estate

Responsibility can be defined as an act of being responsible or accountable of the tasks undertaken by any individual or group. It is of utmost importance for everyone to be responsible in all the tasks undertaken by them whether it is person, professional or social. Given to the fact that responsibility has been marked as one of the most important attribute in day to day world, this is not only being noticeable personally but also professionally.

Emaar MGF, one of the leading firms in the reality sector, is also found to be one of the most responsible firms towards its clients, its employees, towards the society and most importantly towards the nation. The organization fulfills all its responsibilities towards its clients, employees and society, thus fulfilling its responsibility towards nation.

The firm not only helps people to own their own livelihood but also provides them with healthy and green environment. Emaar MGF has also been actively participating in various social activities like tree plantation, helping the needy and various safety awareness campaigns all around the nation. It has shown immense sensitivity towards the social issues concerning the common people.

There are many examples which portray the accountability of Emaar MGF. It organizes various social activities apart from the professional context. The recent organization of blood donation camp, in which the maximum participation was of its own employees, which is also conducted every year, is a true example of its accountability. This also proves that the employees are satisfied by the firm and its policies thus proving the firm’s accountability towards its staff.

The firm has been supporting various NGO’s which deal with various human disabilities and has also being providing funds to those who have suffered from natural disaster. Emaar MGF being a big organization is directed and devoted towards various social causes at different point of time.

Last modified: March 7, 2015

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