‘Green Buildings- The need of the hour’: Aliens Group

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aliens group greenbuildingAliens Space Station is an ideal residential project by Aliens Group in Hyderabad. It has received Green Building Platinum and is pre-certified by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

The project Aliens Space station by Aliens Group is based on the concept of green buildings which ensure the conservation and judicious use of natural resources. Green buildings are environment friendly, make use of less water and produce less waste. They are way healthier for people living inside as compared to the other buildings. The concept of Green Buildings in India is supported by IGBC, a part of C11- Godrej GBC. IGBC is headed by Dr. Prem C Jain and includes various stakeholders like Corporate, Government, and Nodal agencies, Architects, Product manufacturers, Institutions, etc. Green Buildings are a great measure to ensure less consumption of energy and water.

Green Buildings provide complete access to abundant natural daylight and views with a connection to the external environment. The access and connectivity to day light has a major influence on the state of mind and psyche of a person. Proper exposure to sun light has a soothing and pleasing effect on the mind. It also affects the productivity and energy levels of people. People who do not have access to sun light are 12-15% less productive than the others. Along with proper access to sun light, Green buildings are also airy, fresh and offer a blessed and healthy lifestyle. They provide a fresh ambience with ample purging of fresh air, improved indoor air quality, ensure the use of Renewable resources along with health, lifestyle benefits and greater well-being of the occupants.

Keeping in mind the deteriorating conditions of environment, Green Buildings by Aliens Group are the need of the hour as they reduce the level of air pollution upto 70%, help in conserving energy and natural resources upto 30%, save water upto 50% and are 30-40% more efficient and beneficial than the normal buildings. The unique features of Aliens Space Station like 7 feet height Lobby, Double-Height Car Parking, High speed Lifts, More than 2 Lacs sft Clubhouse & Amenities, Glass Walls, Personalized Corridors, Helipad- for safety, 45 Acres Natural Lake, Planetarium, Jogging & Bicycle Track, 34 Sky Gardens and swimming pool make it an ideal residential location.

Last modified: September 29, 2015

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‘Green Buildings- The need of the hour’: Aliens Group

  1. Avatar jatin narula says:

    If anyone want a house with a view of nature should definitely go with the green
    Building project by aliens group. This project is very good. It fulfills the
    customers needs and it’s a environment friendly concept. Looking forward to
    more information for this project… very much interested to invest.

  2. Avatar vineet sharma says:

    Green building by Aliens Group is
    residential project. This project is certified by IGBC and main objective of
    this project is to provide best apartments along with luxurious amenities
    without any harm to nature. Aliens ensures that our natural resources should
    use in perfect manner which makes the green building project more beautiful.
    i am nature lover and surely want to invest in this project.

  3. Avatar vidhut maharana says:

    I am
    very happy that aliens start a project in hyderabad and presented a very nice
    project Green Building. Green
    Buildings By Aliens Group are playing very good role in favor of
    environment. Provide best amenities without comprising with nature.

  4. Avatar saurav katyal says:

    This residential project is very sociable by aliens group. They not only think for its customers but also
    take good care of environment. Very impressive project. Very much impressed
    with their thought and they take very good initiative for making Green

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