The Growing Residential Real Estate of Hyderabad

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The first half of 2018 has given Hyderabad a great start in terms of residential real estate. The city saw an increase in sales by 182 per cent. The total units sold this year were 5,476 while the same time period last year saw the sale of only 1,941 units.

The news has proven that Hyderabad is certainly amongst the best areas to reside in India. The development that the city has witnessed in the last few years, is one of the major reasons why so many new residents are drawn towards it.

Besides the development in terms of corporate culture, another major factor that is paving way for the sale of residential units is the presence of world-class developers and builders in the city. Among the many names are Mantri Developers ,Ashoka Developers and Builders Ltd, Modi Builders, Vamsiram Builders.

Considered the top builders in Hyderabad, they are not only creating state-of-the-art projects but also providing other facilities inside and outside the apartments.

Following are some of the factors that have improved in the last few years after the oncoming of multiple developers.


The presence of builders and the development of multiple projects in new areas gave way to improved infrastructure. With every project that is built, the roads, lights, nearby areas, etc., are also revamped.


When new projects such as Paradise Homes by Modi Builders and others are developed, the revamped infrastructure helps connect these areas with others. Also, because of these residential properties, bus service, auto service, etc., come into the picture, thereby making it easy for the residents to commute.


The projects are located in areas that are close to the metro. This makes a huge impact and gives the dwellers an added advantage in terms of commute. For office-goers, the metro acts as a boon and saves their time.

IT Parks:

The location of houses is strategic. The new apartments being built near IT parks make the lives of working professionals easier. It saves time and thus, they have an option to spend more time doing what they love or with their families.

With these and many more such factors, builders are transforming Hyderabad real estate for a better tomorrow. The new age housing complexes are giving the city a new look and bridging the gap between the City of Nawabs and the modern day Hyderabad.

Last modified: October 15, 2018

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