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Home is for generations and a prime investment for emotional and material security in India. For ages, buying a home for Indians has been the most important aspect in their lives. This phenomenon is most prevalent in India and the simple reason being the belongingness and the bond that binds a family. No wonder we call whole world a family – “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”.  The value of owning a home is imbibed since childhood and every individual dreams of owning a home in his lifetime and this remains always on top of their achievement list; whether it is a plot, villa, floor, or any apartment, the definition of success has always been associated with the home you own. And why not, the confidence, the body language, and the aura around you change once you achieve the feat of making your own nest build.

Right from a millennial to a middle-income person, everyone wants to have their share of land earned. Such is the magnitude of this Pride – Be it Griha Pravesh for a newly wedded bride, who comes to her in-laws for the very first time or a man who gets his first job, calls his parents back home and gets a reminder – Make your own home or a Couple who is buying their home, House warming event is no less than a marriage, the start of a new chapter.

We all remember our childhood, those lanes, grounds, school, our class, cycling, the special place at home where we could hide and nobody ever found us. It is very hard not to get emotional and nostalgic when we think about our childhood, and no wonder, we want to buy our homes in similar localities, what better than being close to our family, friends, and relatives. Whenever we sit and discuss, 90% of us want to settle in our native places. Maybe now or post-retirement.

Right from elders to our partners, keeps us motivated to buy our own home, and the most wonderful fact is – all of these people are happier than the buyer himself. What could be better than describing INCREDIBLE INDIA.

Nevertheless, buying a home is a lifetime experience for anyone. An average Indian family puts in all their life savings to build a nest that they can call their OWN HOME. People, in general, take home loans and are happy to repay the loan as they achieve this happiness to build a home that would serve their kids also. The sense of security and safety provided to kids is unmatched. For a single house, a family invest their lifetime of earnings and that is the investment people in India does for Residential real estate. It’s a blessing of elders and a gift for future generations.

With the changing times, the new age home buyer is looking a lot beyond whenever they think of buying a home. Especially post covid-19 pandemic, people have realized the importance of owning their own home. A report by Knight Frank says, the demand for real estate residential property increased by 57% (Year on Year Basis) in the year 2021 despite the second wave. The residential sector alone recorded a 9-year high sales volume in the first half of the year (Jan 2022 to Jun 2022). This figure has just surpassed the sale of 1,85,577 units sold in the first half of the year 2013.

Not only the brick and mortar, the location, amenities, and proximity to important landmarks like schools, hospitals, banks markets, etc. are the equally searched parameters when it comes to owning a home.

One of the major aspects of buying a home is derived from Lifestyle and aspirations. Buying your own home is a dream, the pride, and reputation of being upgraded make the whole journey a lifetime experience. The feeling of having a Swimming pool, Gym, jogging tracks, Clubs, Courts, and more are the key factors to keeping up with society’s standards and Status.

Since, we – Raj Darbar Group – as the developers of millions and billions of dream homes, have a greater responsibility towards our stakeholders, not only should we assure the timely delivery to the buyer but we also should make sure the final delivery should be what we promised. The very channel of communication between the buyer and the seller should be established right from the date of LOI to the date of delivery and beyond. That is where we build trust and ensure better business opportunities with our existing customers and hence make a brand synonymous to success and trust with just the word of mouth. . . the best way to market any product.

Last modified: September 23, 2022

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