Janaharsha Estates ensures wellness-oriented residential developments

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Hyderabad-based real estate company, Janaharsha Estates n Constructions is committed to deliver a wellness-oriented environment to its customers.

The group not just ensures their projects have the best of amenities, but also makes sure that no harm is caused to the environment in the process of construction.

Wellness in a residential construction is a multi-dimensional term. For ensuring the well-being of the residents, realtors must consider the following categories:

  • Social Wellness: It is the ability of humans to establish and maintain positive relationships with people. For the social well-being of customers, realtors can design their projects in such a way that it ensures appropriate living space for the size of home to create social interaction. Janaharsha Estates plans a layout for its residential properties, keeping in mind the privacy aspect of the customers, along with road connectivity. The projects of this realtor are well-located, with various facilities and food outlets in the vicinity.
  • Emotional Wellness: Researchers suggest that things that help in emotional well-being, include-connecting with others, being active, continuous learning and being mindful. Emotional well-being can be ensured by the real estate sector by designing projects in such a way that they provide a comfortable living. Janaharsha homes are designed with the aim of reducing stress of its residents. They also include a quiet space within the home.
  • Environmental Wellness: Buildings impact the environment in various ways, and consume large quantities of physical resources in their construction. Ensuring wellness of the environment while constructing is crucial for realtors. Besides, providing a healthy environment to the consumers is also their liability. Janaharsha Group introduces green open spaces and gardens that safeguards the environmental well-being of their consumers. Its residential projects are constructed with proper ventilation.

The in-house designs of Janaharsha are wellness-oriented. It understands that wellness is a part of every person’s way of life. As a developer, the company is trying to create a sense of opportunity, enjoyment, involvement and belonging in its projects. It is known for its immense reliability. Their constructions have active design features with health-oriented programming.

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Last modified: January 2, 2018

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Janaharsha Estates ensures wellness-oriented residential developments

  1. kapila says:

    Safety and security is the key of good living and wellness create a good and healthy enviorment. Janharsha Estates is doing good

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