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Towards an unsolicited anxiety of media over an upcoming project of Kumar Builders namely, KUL Ecoloch –I which has created turbulence amongst buyer sentiments in the market, an official from the company has clarified each doubt persistent from the time of the broadcast.

The company overtures KUL Ecoloch spread across 103 acres integrated township by means of 1, 2, 2.5 or 3 BHK apartments to enrich the lives of habitants while exhibiting the state-of-the-art lifestyle together with gracious features and structural perfection besides surrounded by lush green gardens.

Just because of some irrational stories, media has made a fuss over nothing in a recent back clash on Pune project. If one asks for a developer’s viewpoint, then construction of such humongous architecture is no child’s play and requires a lot of thought and effort. By far Kumar builders have delivered exorbitant properties and never faced any qualms in regard of the same. For Ecoloch, the remarkable amenities as confirmed by the group do exist, in fact to the level more than committed.

This time also KUL needs all perfection and follows every systematic route to resolve future discrepancies. Every project requires some basic fieldwork before its head start like availing approvals from all competent authorities such as to seek green chit from Maharashtra state electricity board for uninterrupted connection or permit from Water department for smooth supply etc. Perhaps if during the construction any amendment in terms of regulation comes in picture then replication of whole procedure occurs. In such scenario the delay for complete construction is inevitable as nobody can be blamed for such unavoidable circumstances.

Media’s overreaction with no coverage of inside story is ambiguous in nature i.e. if builder had a malafide intention of groping in money than there is no point that company would offer to deposit bare 5% of the cost for booking and remaining only after possession. Any individual who disregards KUL is not opting out any legal action and that is a proof in itself for preying the company’s reputation while media playing 4th pillar of the society shall be observant against such demeanor’s.

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Kumar Builders
Kumar Builders has donned a whole new identity, and this has marked our transformation to Kumar Urban Development Ltd (KUL). This change from Kumar Builders to KUL has heralded a brand new era in our corporate existence, even as we strive to retain our core values and philosophies. KUL started their operations in Pune and gradually expanded to cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Panchgani. They have completed 2.94 million sq. ft. of developable area since 2006 including 11 residential which include one-redevelopment project and 7 commercial projects. They have announced 18 new redevelopment projects in Mumbai.