Land developers in and around Huda all set to change the face of Gurgaon

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Gurgaon Real Estate Market Witnessing Spike In Demand of Luxurious Projects

The Indian real estate industry might be slow for a while but the expectations of the industry experts are still high along with numerous interested parties, like buyers and investors, who might, why might, they WILL show some interest in the Gurgaon realty, which is all set to go through a makeover. The area of rejuvenation will start from sectors 58 and cross over sector 67.

The initiative to make the region, a hot destination, will certainly attract a lot of property buyers and investors’ interest towards  , believes the land developer based out of city, Dhoot Group, which has graced major parts in the region with plenty of projects. Dhoot Group’s hospitality projects like The Gateway Resort, commercial projects like Time Centre and Time Tower, and educational projects like World Institute of Technology, have already made Gurgaon, an appropriate hub for investment purposes.

Pawan Kumar Dhoot of Dhoot Group appreciates the recently proposed plan by Huda, to make the NCR star, an impeccable highlight of the region. Huda proposed a plan to complete the development work in the city this year, which includes the roads, water, sewerage, drainage system inside the periphery of the same.

The plan was represented in front of The Town and Country Planning department, which also allotted license to more than 200 builders based in and outside the city, for developing the residential and commercial colonies in these Huda sectors. With proper allocation and establishment of basic amenities in and around these sectors, the region will be attracting a number of property buyers and investors’ interest, as mentioned in the beginning. And that is the entire strategy behind polishing the city, to get expected results.

An official spokesperson of Huda mentioned that the completion of sector dividing roads between sectors 63A, 64 and 67A and outer peripheral roads may take two years, as the 276.43 acres of required land is under litigation, which is a hope that given timeframe is enough to prove its mettle.

Last modified: June 28, 2016

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