Lavisa Infrastructures uses superior roofing materials

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With the continuous rise in temperature and worsening climatic conditions, there arises a need for appropriate measures against scorching heat. It becomes very important for the real estate developers to ensure the use of quality raw materials for constructing houses in order to provide protection against the natural phenomenon of heating. The quality of raw materials used is a vital factor determining the strength of a building and its resistance against natural forces.

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According to Lavisa Infrastructures, the traditional shingle roofing materials are not effective in controlling the transfer of heat. The commonly used roofing tiles are overlaid with tar, which results in the absorption and transfer of heat. Thus it is recommended to use other types of roofing materials which are effective in reflecting and transferring heat away from the structure. Lavisa Infrastructures suggest the best roofing materials which work well in warmer climates like using overlays and radiant barriers like cool roof coatings, roofing with slate tiles, using material like terra cota and clay, cool color concrete tiles, green roofs, solar systems. They also recommend the use of white flat tiles, white barrel ‘S’ tiles, rubber membrane roofing and white metal roofing.

The natural phenomenon of heating and cooling is largely determined by roofing materials used and color of the building. Lavisa Infrastructures believe that along with an effective air conditioning system, the real line of defense against warm climate and heat is the material used in making roof of the building.
The raw materials used are crucial for keeping a check on the heat and temperature Lavisa Infrastructures believe that buildings should be constructed keeping in mind a good roofing system employing a proper defense mechanism against the heat which ensures releasing of the sun rays and takes appropriate measures to avoid storing and absorbing of the sun rays.


Last modified: September 14, 2015

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Lavisa Infrastructures uses superior roofing materials

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