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Orris Infrastructure Owner – Where luxury meets affordability: Vijay Gupta Elaborates

The common man can sustain a regular pay package and yet afford luxury. As cities are getting crowded, the housing industry has seen an upscale. Gone are the days when buying an apartment or any form of affordable housing meant compromising on space or amenities. Nurtured under the guardianship of Vijay Gupta Orris  ensconced at the budding land of Gurgaon, offers luxury and affordability as one.

In present time, industry players such as Orris pay attention to detail that defines affordable luxury housing and make sure that structures have everything that overtures opulence. Consumers have become smarter and are observing the change in trends. Their choice of housing has evolved into affordable luxury. For them, it is not just about space but also the experience.

Orris understands its responsibility of providing magnificent feeling that is economical. Vijay Gupta cites, “We believe to hand out homes that are fast forwarded to the future of living, where every space is an ambassador of fine design and resonates like notes of symphony. And we deliver all these facilities in the face of convenience and amenities.” He adds that convenience bestows community lifestyle, smooth connectivity, public transport, and necessities such as hospitals and schools. These altogether become the deciding factor for buyers.

Providentially, Orris has avowed the art of presenting luxury and affordability collectively and has incorporated it in all of its residential projects. Carnation residency, Aster Court, Aster Court Premier, and Woodview Residences are Orris Infrastructure’s impression of perfection and sumptuosity.

While Design and innovation within the real estate industry has advanced rapidly in a short time, excellence in architectural design, exceptional space management, and sustainable solutions related to the environment as well as suiting the customer context is on high priority for Orris Infrastructure. The group also accumulates green design, as it is becoming one of the most preferred ways for people today. The growing conscious consumers are opting to live in homes that are environment-friendly.

Usually, first homebuyers have a broad list of needs and wants in mind when they look for a home. Amenities are the additional benefits that are considered valuable to consumers. Orris groups specialises in delivering lavish ‘club harbor’ in all of its residential projects. Vijay Gupta Orris Infrastructure Owner quotes, “Whether you’re looking for sunshine, socialising, or just sports, club harbor is where you’ll find it all. A world class twin leisure hub spread over 10,000 sq. ft. of property, it is an all-inclusive social/leisure centre that offers a whole host of facilities such as gymnasium, library, card room, coffee lounge, billiards room, party hall, skating rink, swimming pool and tennis and badminton courts.”

The trending affordability luxury real estate industry is flourishing. By swiftly adapting to the international standards of living, Orris caters the aspiration of living in a clean and highly advanced world, which is becoming a reality in Gurgaon. People wish to live in a lap of luxury without putting a huge dent in their pockets. Therefore, the dream of customers experiencing luxury as the face of comfort is being fulfilled by real estate associations like them.

Srinivasan Vedam

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