Pawan Kumar Dhoot aligned Dhoot Group’s mission-vision with ‘Make in India’.

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Pawan kumar Dhoot promotes Make In India

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi initiated ‘Make in India’ concept to motivate the Nation towards manufacturing in India and investing in India. The initiative is not only encouraged by people around the Country but its acceptance on a large-scale has stirred numerous manufacturers and builders’ interest towards giving their more than 100% in their relevant field.

Dhoot Group is on the path of acknowledging this hourly need of the Nation, where lakhs of people live on rent or giving their EMIs to the bank even after 10 years of the purchase. Dhoot Group supports not only the Make in India initiative introduced by Narendra Modi but also has aligned its mission and vision to develop a number of residential units for the common man by the year 2022 under PM’s ‘Housing For All’ initiative.

Pawan Kumar Dhoot of Dhoot Developer has a determined focus towards making India a developed Nation as soon as possible and its projects tell the same story. Pawan Kumar Dhoot highlights the flourishing service sector in India, where its demographic advantages need to be utilised in effective and efficient manner. The union government has acknowledged that the labour-intensive manufacturing sector can offer more employment opportunities to people and give a boost to overall income level in India, which is a huge step towards the economic growth of the Nation.

Mr. Dhoot expects an 8% to 9% increase in India’s GDP and his optimism takes that growth to 2 digits GDP growth by the time Make in India becomes a norm across the Nation. It will boost the production in India and help in decreasing the cost of the same. It is a hope of better living standards along with enhanced PCI.

Pawan Kumar Dhoot of Dhoot Group believes in Union Governments plans regarding India’s development which will highlight the nation on the world map as a rapidly developed nation that crossed all the barriers of underestimation and slow growth perspectives.

Last modified: August 11, 2016

7 Responses to :
Pawan Kumar Dhoot aligned Dhoot Group’s mission-vision with ‘Make in India’.

  1. Avatar Geetika Bansal says:

    “Make in India” brings a new hope for the country in every sector. So we can’t say that it is not beneficial for Real Estate. It is working even better in this field. I am quite aware of this as i am a real estate blogger by profession.

  2. Avatar Naman Srivastava says:

    I am a journalist by profession. I just go through this article and really amazed to see that “Make in India” has mad its impact even in real estate sector. That’s really good..!!

  3. Avatar Niharika Mehta says:

    Indians now using futuristic approach towards their work………………”Make in India” is a boon for real estate market.

  4. Avatar Naina Malhotra says:

    It seems good that even real estate developers are involved in “Make in India” initiative.

    1. Avatar Niharika Mehta says:

      Yupp…….I am also from the family of real estate developers and we are following “make in India” approach.Its not about our growth only, its all about our country growth ad we will do our best.

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