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As a critique, it is important for one to be fair and square to the service provider as well as the consumer; to whom your obligation is slightly more than anyone else; according to me as a blogger. In my opinion, if I were to believe what someone said based on their experiences, it wouldn’t be hundred percent. I would like to experience it first hand and only then comment for others to believe it. That is exactly what I did when it came on me to invest in property for myself.

I was looking for a house near the NH-8 for my son and his family as both my son and daughter-in-law work near Bhiwadi-Sohna road and our ancestral house is in North Delhi, and they end up travelling around 100 kms in a day apart from their nine hour jobs. They are left with no time to spend with family, no social circle, and keep up the social circle, they have to stay up till late and socialize with friends only. While I was searching for an option in that area to relocate so that my children are better placed in life and have some time to breathe, I came across a project called Raheja Oma by Raheja developers. I searched a little more and while researching I realized that the project is for sure worth a look in person. I went ahead and visited the site and was mesmerized by what I saw.

Coming from a middle class background, investing in property is a big decision I that earning bracket and all pros and cons needed to be weighed thoroughly. Raheja Oma was fitting into all requirement brackets, be it size, location, surroundings, affordability, accessibility, facilities, basic amenities, security, designing, access to supplies, etc. there was no fault finding I could do when I visited once, and just to ensure if I missed anything, I went there a second time and was even more sure of my decision.

As a realty critique and an investor myself, I would recommend Raheja Developers and their projects. They are legally safe to invest in, professionally designed, all government policies and procedures and permissions in place which ensure no problems in future on that front. As far as facilities are concerned by them, the more I dealt with their people, I got a feeling that they abide by their promise of customer satisfaction and relationship building. I am impressed fully, and think that they are true rising stars.

Last modified: March 7, 2015

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