Savor the comfort of an indulgent ‘ Intelligent Living ’ with Aliens Group

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Aliens Group is a brand that by its very name suggests uniqueness and unconventionality. The group firmly believes in its motto of providing ‘intelligent living’ alternatives to its customers. With the whole India going digital, our homes standards have to correspond. Aliens Group is one such realtor of Hyderabad whicAliens group intelligent livingh has been providing intelligent living solutions to its customers for many years and with Digital India initiative, Aliens Group’s commitment has become even stronger.
Intelligent Living has redefined our living styles. One can monitor and control everything at their homes as they like. Intelligent Living covers climate, alarm, cameras, irrigation, lighting, landscape lights, water heating, energy consumption, humidity, intercom, biom etrics and infrared (and these are to name a few). Digital (or Smart) Home technologies have allowed a seamless control on all aspects of your property.
Aliens Group has delivered multiple projects which have been crafted by the guidelines of Intelligent Living. The most recent project of the Group – Aliens Space Station is the most advanced in its built up and offers a truly intelligent living.
Aliens Space Station has an aesthetic appeal which is combined with a functional design that optimally puts to use every inch of space. The project has been reviewed to adhere to a structural quality manual as per ISO norms and has also been reviewed against 700 quality checks. It has a biometric access facility, 24*7 hi-tech security set-up, a helipad, planetarium at the 30th floor and a highly advanced home automation.


aaliens space station intelligent living



Aliens Space Station has been designed to the highest architectural specifications and accommodates the best products on the market today. It has a modular range of Intelligent Living products which can be enjoyed with a personalized automation.
Among the leading real estate developers of Hyderabad, Aliens Group is the one that belongs to the league of the truly digital ones. With ‘Digital India’ all around, our homes need to match up and Aliens Space Station becomes an ideal project to invest your money in.

Last modified: October 16, 2015

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Savor the comfort of an indulgent ‘ Intelligent Living ’ with Aliens Group

  1. Avatar govindam raane says:

    I just want to say one thing for aliens group is awesome … they are the best and number one
    in my knowledge.

  2. Avatar sona sharma says:

    believe this is a good company. Overall, I would say the builder is reputed
    and can be relied on for buying new property with them; however the usual
    chase will be involved with the overall process of buying a flat with them.
    This is good

  3. Avatar anita oberoy says:



    service- 4/5



    the projects are almost my pocket friendly. I would recommend this company
    to all of you, who want to purchase a new home then you can go with this

  4. Avatar punit khurana says:

    group is a reliable company in real estate world. They provide us very good
    structures for better and updated living. I always recommend aliens group for
    better living.

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