Blue whale challenge decoded

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Described as game, yet very far from its genre, blue whale challenge is the most hyped code for a drug. It has been reported that nearly 100 unverifiable teenager death claims have already been made and the number continues to be on a rise. Teenagers are encouraged to accept the challenge that leads to the suicides eventually. A task is assigned to its takers everyday which is akin to slashing body parts, watching horror movies, animal killing or waking up at odd hours. This is viewed as fun and adventurous and a picture proof has to be sent after the task completion. Photoshopping is not permitted for it will be detected and punishment is given for any. The game ends with the death of the challenger.

The online world is stuffed with the rumours of Blue Whale Challenge with gross exaggerations. Herein we present you a straight record of the same as the fake news seems to be doing a lot of harm. Hold your breath as we reveal that the Blue Whale Challenge exists and active over the online world resulting in the death of a lot of teens in the past month. The challenge finds its basis on the fact that blue whales beach on land as a form of suicide.

The game traces its origin to the 22 year old Philipp Budeikim who was its Russian creator. It is assumed that he was perusing teenagers to commit suicide. It all started with establishing contacts with probable teens, analysing their mental make up, and thereafter pushing them to kill themselves. He disguise his act with the explanation that was cleansing society of the biological waste.

The game is played over social media platforms viz, Instagram, online gaming portals, message boards and online messaging apps.

Once a contact is made, the player switches to the private chat mode. A commitment is sought after for maintaining secrecy and the rules are drilled upon empathetically. The game demands compliance form its takers.

The reasons attributing to its popularity may be quoted as the tendency to get attracted to something dark and deadly. The challenge glorifies their feelings for ending life besides providing it a purpose. Others may be the sense of adventure and something that differentiates you from the ordinary.

The need of the hour is to track it and kill it off!

Last modified: March 6, 2018

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