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The evolution and future of online exams in technology-driven world

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Technology started to dominate the world in the later part of the 20th century. It took over all the sectors and reduced the requirement of manpower significantly. The 21st century saw more and more technology-driven ideas taking the center stage. Like every other sector, education sector also underwent a major transformation in last couple of decades. Innovative companies like Prometric ushered in a change with online testing replacing the traditional exams. The students and teachers around the world embraced this change and online exams started to get popular in many countries around the world. The advantages of online testing clearly surpassed the advantages of traditional exams, and the evolution started then and there. The procedure of online testing proved to be far more convenient, reliable and time saving. There were less chances of data manipulation, cheating, paper leaks, etc. But with time, the online testing centers became more potent. Not only students, but teachers also preferred conducting online exams. The students were no longer required to carry anything extra. A finger print scan was enough to identify a candidate. More secured system and latest techniques made it even more convenient and safe. Initially, companies like Prometric started administering basic online exams, which were successfully conducted in a safe and secure way. But gradually they started to conduct a number of high-stake exams as the authorities started to back these companies in all the advanced countries.

Prometric, a US-based company conducted more than 400,000 online exams around the globe. The success of these companies surprised the authorities, who began to contemplate about the utilities of online testing. After some time, the online testing companies received a major advantage with recruitment exams going online. The decision reaped rewards, as the candidates found it more convenient. The unethical practices were eliminated. The secured systems and advanced centres ensured that only the deserving candidates were able to go through and incidents like cheating and paper leaks were averted. With an un-matched success, the online testing found its way in developing countries including India. Indian education system was in dire straits and all the sections were demanding a major change in the setup. The incidents of cheating and paper leaks were wreaking havoc and online testing came into the limelight. With its credibility, online testing companies like Prometric became famous in India and the education system received a much needed boost. Today, computer-based testing accounts for only 20 per cent of the total exams held in India, but given its popularity, the figures are surely going to increase. There is no doubt about the successful evolution of online testing and advanced testing centres. We may see traditional exams finding it difficult to survive in the next decade. With progressive technology and experienced players like Prometric, online testing is likely to stay for long.

Last modified: March 28, 2018

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