Flaws of Indian education system, leaving behind a big loop hole in country’s progress

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The education system of any country is reflection of its coming tomorrow. Besides, the Indian educations system is not actually ‘Indian’ and has been imposed on our country by British. The British had just a goal in mind i.e. to create a team of educated clerk and coolies, which serves their needs. Though India was set free in 1947, but the government did not pay much attention towards refining the education system. Today, even after more 69 years of Independence, the nation has some major flaws in its system, needing rectification.

Here is the list of Flaws of education system in India:

  1. Lack of functional literacy: Many Asian countries including China, are primarily focused on improving the functional literacy i.e. making their citizens educated enough that they are self-sufficient to read, write, and understand the basic things. However, India on the other hand fails to impart the functional literacy, and it remains a big issue that needs proper refinement.
  2. Disparity in various streams: A vast majority of Indian parents think of engineering, medicine, law and management as better streams for their students. The Indian education system lacks to offer job-related study, hence students find it difficult to apply their study to their area of focus. Moreover, if a young student of the country wants to pursue his hobby as a career choice, he ‘she needs to convince his parents for believing in his ability.
  3. Board exam panic: Board exams create a lot of panic amongst students, we often hear parents talk about these exams as the ones that decide career. Well the truth is, marks are not the bar to measure a student’s caliber. Besides, in the ongoing board examination, a record 10.4 lakh examinees have skipped the Uttar Pradesh board. This amounts to a staggering 15 percent not attempting the exams out of the students who registered for it. The number is expected to rise further up before the exams conclude on March 12. Truly, the panic is visible.
  4. Chalk and talk system: The Indian education system is firmly stuck with the traditional chalk and talk system. Technology has a little or no role to play, further adding salt to the wounds.
  5. Students end as jack of all trades and masters of none: This is one of the major flaws of education system in India. Young lads of the country are made to study as many as 7 to 10 books at a time, adding a lot of burden on them. Students learn so much from Civics to history and Trigonometry that they end up becoming jack of all subjects and masters of none.

Therefore, it becomes necessary that government of India gives due attention towards improving its education system.


Last modified: March 6, 2018

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