How IoT can have a long term impact on the education sector

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Amid the ongoing pandemic, e-learning has remained the only viable option to make sure that the education of students is not compromised. The IOT has played an important role to connect the students with virtual classrooms, even in a big country like India.

The technology is changing the traditional method of learning and teaching. The education system is transforming as a whole, with the advent of revolutionary ideas and concepts amidst the pandemic. Although a lot of work is needed, but e-learning is certainly ensuring better connection and transformation of both private and government schools.

Even during a crisis situation, the students are able to access learning materials and communication channels in a convenient way. The digital attendance system is eliminating the need for taking attendance manually. It is helpful in tracking the performance and ensuring flawless evaluation in every regard.

Other than this, the analytics-based intervention has played an important role to impart concrete learning to the students. The digitization also enhances the learning ability of students, as proven by various studies across the world. They can have access to the best faculty from across the globe, leaving a lasting impact on the education system of any country.

It is not just about sailing through the pandemic with the help of online learning, but is it also about ensuring the long-term benefit of e-learning in the education sector. When it comes to India, the results have been encouraging, although access to uninterrupted internet has still remained a big issue.

However, once the pandemic is over, these issues can be resolved with the passage of time. What remains to be seen is if the authorities are interested in incorporating such changes. The need of the hour is to look at the long-term benefits, rather than a few shortcomings.

Last modified: November 2, 2020

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