Modi Builders can help you create the perfect summer ambience at home

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Summer is not just a season; it’s a mood that is often characterised by a clear blue sky and a warm, sunny afternoon with colourful flowers blooming in the garden. These warm-weather months can be made even more pleasant with the right décor for your home. Experts at Modi Builders have come up with some brilliant ideas to make your abode the epitome of leisure this summer.Modi Builders         1. Update your furniture

Replace the dark, rusty looking furniture with chairs in bright colors like yellow, green and blue. You can also paint your existing furniture in bright colors using some glossy paint. However, do not forget to prime your furniture before you paint it so that the paint lasts long.

  1. The centre of all the attraction – the centre table

Give your conventional coffee table a makeover by placing a bright table cloth. To make it an eye candy, you can accessorize the table with natural elements like a glass bowl full of sea shells and a bouquet of fresh flowers in warm colors like red and yellow.

  1. Go Boho

Bring in some Bohemian elements to make your home look even more chic. Interior designers at Modi Builders suggest using vibrant colored art pieces and cushion covers with bold motifs to accentuate the look of the living room. Bedrooms can be given a Bohemian makeover by keeping the walls light colored and using bright bed sheets with artistic prints.

  1. Light-weight drapes

Dark and heavy curtains and woolen rugs are so wintry! Stack them in your storehouse to use them again in the cold season and use light-weight drapes in the summer. Linen curtains in summery hues like blue, green or yellow would brighten up your living room, making it look cheerful and livelier.

  1. Go Green

Give your home a touch of freshness by placing some plants inside your home. Indoor plants like African Violet, Geranium and Jasmine act as natural air fresheners by purifying the air inside your home. Their soothing fragrance would relax your nerves by creating a serene environment.

With these easy tips from Modi Builders, you can transform your home into your own magical summer palace.

Last modified: March 6, 2018

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Modi Builders can help you create the perfect summer ambience at home

  1. Avatar Dharma Kumar says:

    We often are lazy to do these things. But trust me if we follow this suggestion of Modi Builders we will love our
    home even more.

  2. Avatar Ricki Tiwari says:

    Nice Idea by Modi Builders to create a beautiful atmosphere inside our house.

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