National Education Policy: Experts at Jaro Education Reviews

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The New Education Policy was unveiled earlier in July, 2020, at a time when online learning was normalised in the education realm. Considering the current circumstances, what is commendable on part of the government is how it has kept online education in the ambit of its key focus. With the Indian ed-tech market at a nascent stage just recently, during the lockdown, it has boomed massively and the New Education Policy is expected to boost it further. With the inaccessibility of quality education and emphasis on rote learning still prevailing in the Indian education system, the new policy aims to address all these issues. It seeks to focus more on enhanced learning outcomes and cognitive skills development among the other problems it aims to address.

Online education was something that has not been embraced fully fledged until the time when educational institutes were compelled to temporarily shut down amid the pandemic. On that note, an educationist at Jaro Education, a Mumbai-based education solution provider, said, “Where people cannot access education through traditional mode, technology plays an important role and it is good to see that the government has acknowledged it.” With several challenges persisting in the rural education system, e-learning apps have come off as a major boon. In areas where lack of skilled teachers is a major problem, these apps not only serve as an alternate teacher, but also eliminate the need to buy reference or guide books, thus saving extra money of the students.

“Considering how NEP commits to making e-learning and virtual classrooms accessible to all students in regional as well as official language, the future of our country’s education system looks quite promising,” academicians at Jaro Education reviews. In a nutshell, the new policy aims to facilitate an inclusive learning process and strengthen the ecosystem of Indian education system. Apart from boosting e-learning, the move to bring foreign university campuses in the country is also a wonderful step as this will help students to experience the global quality of education.

Last modified: November 2, 2020

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