Shantanu Prakash Shantanu Prakash is the Chairman and Managing Director of Educomp Solutions Limited, an edtech company based in the National Capital Region. Being one of the very first advocates of technology in the education sector, he founded Educomp in 1994 to change the Indian education system for good. After getting his MBA degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, he started off in the market by setting up computer labs in private and government schools under the BOOT model. Consequently, Educomp expanded its operations by developing digital content for public and private schools. These were licensed and incorporated in their computer-aided lessons. As the founder and chairman of Educomp Solutions, Shantanu Prakash’s aim has been to radically revolutionize the teaching-learning process in schools through the use of technology and various best practices. Shantanu Prakash is a member of The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE). It is a Silicon Valley non-profit organization that supports start-ups through networking and raises capital for new and experienced entrepreneurs. As the leader of Educomp, Shantanu Prakash has made a huge impact on the education sector, prompting more edtech companies to surface in the market. He is also a distinguished speaker in education and business conferences. He actively supports education for all and is known for his philanthropic ventures that help deprived children get quality education.

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