Practising good food hygiene: How to wash fruits and vegetables to avoid the spread of coronavirus

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COVID-19 has brought a major change in the way we carry out our day-to-day activities. Proper health and hygiene measures are to be followed to avert the spread of this deadly virus. More than 5.5 million confirmed cases and over 3.5 fatalities are recorded worldwide till now.

Coronavirus outbreak has led to an alarming situation but also created awareness among people about the importance of practising good hygiene habits. While the government is providing essential commodities to masses, ensuring proper food safety and handling measures becomes important for us.

Many people are perplexed due to numerous rumours spreading in wake of COVID-19 transmission. To show the clear picture, and settle the situation, experienced health researchers have laid down certain measures to wash fruits and vegetables appropriately in order to ensure prevention from this deadly virus.

Here are a few tips to wash fruits and vegetables properly before consumption:

1. Always wash your hand before washing vegetables or fruits

Washing hands is the primary precaution you can take to avert the spread of this virus. You should wash your hands before rinsing the vegetables. Wash them for minimum 20 seconds before washing the food items. Washing hands afterwards is also recommended.

2. Rinse vegetables and fruits under running water

All the fruits and vegetable must be rinsed only in running water and should be rubbed with hands. Rinsing the perishables before you peel them is suggested to avoid transmission of dirt and harmful components.

3. Use soap or any detergent is dangerous, don’t use them to wash perishables

Researchers have claimed that cleaning vegetables or fruits with soap or detergent can prove to be hazardous for your health. Rubbing vegetables and fruits in running water is more than enough.

4. To deep clean the vegetables or fruits, brush or sponge are recommended

In order to deep clean the root vegetables like potatoes or carrots, a vegetable brush or sponge can be used.

5. You need to put extra attention and care for certain vegetables and fruits

Fruits like berries and leafy vegetables require gentleness during a wash. One can put such perishables in colander and clean them under running water to eliminate germs. Furthermore, peeling or cooking fruit and vegetables is also a good idea.

The food we eat determines our overall health and well-being. Thus, it becomes imperative to practice good food hygiene habits to stay healthy and safeguard ourselves against deadly ailments. These simple yet effective measures can surely help you ensure complete safety of your food items. Stay safe!

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Last modified: June 5, 2020

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