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Who is Tarish Bhatt? A sports management professional, consultant, and a sports enthusiast:

‘Do it with passion or not at all’ reads an Instagram caption of the man. Looking at his career
graph, one knows that he lives by the quote.

Mr. Tarish Bhatt is a sports consultant and an athlete manager. He’s also been a sports
reporter and worked his way up the ladder, to being the sub-editor of the website of Sony
SIX. This platform is the go-to place for all sports enthusiasts and is known to all. To decide
what’s ‘relevant’ enough to be put up on the aforementioned website was a part of Mr.
Bhatt’s role and also his forte. His stint as a full-time content writer might have ended quite
a while ago, but continues to give him an edge as a Business Head. A post-graduation in
human rights only adds to his skills of putting up his client’s side of the story in a better way.
The ones who consider sports to be all about passion and a little marketing, have got to see
the brains that work tirelessly behind making it all an effortless show. Mr. Tarish Bhatt is
one among the thinktanks involved in making it all a smooth process and covering up the
mess, if any. Dhoni would second on that. So will the likes of Michael Clarke, Aakash Chopra
and Mithali Raj.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that he’s also a fitness freak and trains as much as a
sportsperson would. Ask him a little something about losing fats or gaining muscles and he’d
probably help you out with a whole fitness regime, elucidating on the importance of keeping
oneself hydrated and the ways of doing it. ‘Fitness is more than just fitness’ is what Mr.
Bhatt believes in and lives by.

Mr. Bhatt is also adept at sports nutrition consulting, sports partnership and marketing,
athlete representation and contract negotiations as well as celebrity and influencer
marketing. Precisely, he’s a sports enthusiast and one can throw any sports related
complication infront of him, without a doubt in one’s mind about Mr. Bhatt sorting it out
like a no-brainer.

This whole Jenga made up of all things sports and Mr. Tarish Bhatt keeps adding to it. What
makes him a true sports freak is the fact that he’s not only been involved with the most
hyped sport in India; cricket, but equally with football, tennis, NBA and hockey. What makes
him even more of a freak is that he breathes, lives and feeds on sports, both literally and

Srinivasan Vedam

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