Arowana Consulting Talks about the Importance of Cyber Security

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Internet has become a pivotal part of our major activities. The dependency on internet was never so intense. From paying bills to making million dollar deals, everything incorporates internet. The increased use of credit card fuelled by online purchases, online banking, electronic cash transfer, all involve important details which need to be kept protected. And then comes the social media, which is exactly a virtual life for many. Sharing of pictures, data etc has made cyber security an important issue. Arowana Consulting, Bangalore, believes that it has become paramount to safeguard our stuff over internet and in our computers and other digital equipments.

Cyber space is basically generated from the interconnection between computers and telecommunication networks in order to store, modify, and exchange data over a network.  The cyber space makes active use of Information Communication and Technology (ICT). Internet has bridged a gap existing between our personal and professional data. Various gateways insist on creating a link between the two. In such a case, any negligence on the security front can have ripple effects sprawling over various platforms.

Cyber crimes have been on a rise since a few years as the technology has progressed. This is an imminent threat to the privacy and discretion of people. Sources of cyber threats may be unintentional accidents, or due to vulnerabilities and negligence or deliberate attacks. The hackers have the knowledge to control your computer and operate it. Hacking is quite common. Just the other day, an important government site was hacked by a bunch of hackers from Pakistan. Arowana Consulting has been offering cyber and web security solutions that have proved effective in protecting against internet threats and viruses by deploying a firewall that is hard to breach.

Last modified: September 24, 2015

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