Beat the HOLI drum with Slanzer Technology

Today everything from the morning stretch to evening drink is stringed to widget. Everybody needs records of daily steps taken, heartbeat, blood pressure, calories intake and all bric-a-brac in a simplest handy gizmo. People spend lavishly on their greenback to attain the same yet what is wrong in adding a dash of style or fashion groove to that much needed musket.

Beat the Holi drum with Slanzer Technology, the renowned Gadget accessory brand.

Beat the Holi drum with Slanzer Technology, the renowned Gadget accessory brand

Slanzer Technology, the renowned Gadget accessory brand, does not just offers bluetooth-earphones, usb-chargers, usb-cables when it comes to ‘gadget accessories’ but much more than that. Since Holi our favorite festival is approaching, all must be done with all arrangements from mithai to colors, but who is not concerned about their body momentums or recording those memorable moments. Well, everyone is and that is how Slanzer is adding up to our festi excitement.

Slanzer Technology Pvt Ltd has launched its new range of Bluetooth Speakers which provide the ease of shuffling music from a distance. The selfie stick to take a panorama of “me with all “– in style is also part of Slanzer’s collection, where we would enjoy recording our best moments with selfie stick, we are also saving our pretty penny phones from colored hands.

Now that Holi doesn’t last for few hours and the battery of cellphones doesn’t last long. But who is going to allow entry in a house with those smudged clothes, to pin charge our little machines? And that’s how Slanzer is different, they provide stylish power bank with the capacity to keep gizmos with maximum battery backup at the same time toting up to the persona.

There is so much more inclusions of Slanzer’s range that can be explored at, so visit the website today and stock the stylish accessories to celebrate musical HOLI.

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Slanzer Technology
SLANZER TECHNOLOGY serves customers all over the world and is thrilled to be a part of the quirky wing of the gadget industry. Our aim is to make excellent quality accessories accessible to whoever wants them, anywhere in the world, at highly competitive prices.