Can leveraging Facial Recognition system assist Critical Infrastructure Sector to gain better insights?

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Rapid technological advancements have fuelled a proliferation of facial recognition— which continues to expand into new areas of public and private life. Companies and sectors around the world are leveraging this technology for a wide variety of cases in areas such as retail, healthcare, financial services, public transport, among others.

Importance of Face recognition technology in Critical Infrastructure Sector:

Facial recognition has extensively enhanced the business operations, concerning security, access & authentication, and accessibility to accounts & services. The digital algorithms and analytics by AI-based Face Recognition system coverts data from cameras in Critical Infrastructure sectors into real time insights— thereby offering accurate, safe and scalable output.

For instance, Critical Infrastructure analytics firms like ACSG Corp hold the potential to develop and deploy facial recognition analytics, helping in detecting matches with faces. A number of visual data images can be analyzed by the recognition system— offering accurate analytics even in a challenging environment.

FaceTagr, an AI Company specializing in Image Recognition uses its proprietary face recognition technology to compare a picture to a database of reference images, thereby providing qualitative insights and analytics instantly.

Is adopting Facial recognition system accurate?

Facial recognition is perfect for accessing control systems, yet many sizeable challenges and hindrances exist in effectively integrating this technology, especially in the Critical Infrastructure sector. Many are worried about how accurate the technology is, and its possible biases and privacy concerns.

However, the data-driven tech revolution offered by intelligence-led analytics companies like FaceTagr, ACSG Corp, Staqu, has led to a paradigm shift in the architecture of security systems across the Critical Infrastructure sector. Furthermore, the analytics by facial recognition system can aid the sectors to effectively identify threats and amplify situation awareness.

Last modified: April 30, 2020

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