Dual USB Travel chargers by Slanzer Technology – convenience optimized

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Dual USB Travel chargers by Slanzer Technology – convenience optimized

Dual USB Travel chargers by Slanzer Technology – convenience optimized

Let’s rewind our clocks ten years back from now. Cell phones were a luxury not everyone could afford. Not only were they expensive, but also were harrowingly heavy and supported just a few basic features. Come 2010, and the age of digital revolution brought an entirely new belvedere of technology. Suddenly, with OS like Android and Nokia Symbian became so famous that they led to a huge spike in the number of cell phone sales. And now in 2015, almost every other person has a phone. The phones of this eon are absolutely mind smashingly fast and almost do anything that a laptop/computer does. Smart phones have escalated people’s lives to a different level. Having said that, there is one drawback. The more impressive a phone becomes or the better it works, more is the amount of battery it drains.

So in this case, what a person needs the most is a charger that can pump up the juice even while travelling. This is where Slanzer Technology slides its latest offering to ease out the problems. Dual USB Travel Chargers by Slanzer Technology is the ultimate solution to the problem of draining of your phones’ battery. The chargers support charging of 2 phones simultaneously through the two USB ports. These chargers by Slanzer Technology are compatible with all the Operating systems and phones of all leading brands including Apple.

The chargers are made from best quality components which make the device fire and shock proof. They also monitor input and output voltage. This prevents the risk of short-circuit.

Last modified: January 27, 2016

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Dual USB Travel chargers by Slanzer Technology – convenience optimized

  1. Avatar Bharat says:

    This USB travel charger is easy to use, easy to carry and very durable it is latest technology based charger. I am very much satisfied with this product and it’s really affordable as well so I like this very much.

  2. Avatar rohan says:

    Slanzer Technology has make our changer problems easy…as every phones which has a better performance skill their battery consumption level becomes more less…so that we need a better charger and for this Slanzer has made this charger.

  3. Avatar naveen says:

    The demand of the Android, Nokia etc are in a huge amount. Now almost every person has a cell phone and even school kids also own them. So by this we can understand that the use of cell phone is must in these days.

  4. Avatar Malay says:

    It’s true that some years back there are no such things called cell phones but now as the technology has changed…our communication technology has also changed. Before we used to talk each other through letters but now phones are the better option to commute and for a better phone needs a best charger which extends its battery life. my experience with slanzer company is always remains best.

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