Understanding Geo-Fencing: Bharat Aero Going An Extra Mile in Ensuring Safety Along with Practicality

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News of unauthorised drones intruding restricted airspaces is nothing unheard of. When it comes to nullifying the risks posed by them, various UAV-mitigation technologies are available – from radio jammers to drone safety nets, but do these technologies suffice? An increasing number of organisations have been adopting geo-fencing technology in the recent times as a way to ensure security and protection from the potentially harmful drones.

Geo-fencing is a technology that uses GPS (Global Positioning System) or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to define a virtual geographical boundary, thus restricting the particular area from the entry of unregistered drones. However, when certified drone operators wish to operate within the ‘fenced’ airspace, they will have to unlock the geo-fence by providing proof of their ability to legally fly there. One of the main factors that makes geo-fencing technology stand out from the other counter-drone technologies is its versatility – from fencing a small farm, airports or an entire city, it can be used anywhere.

Although, not for countering unregistered drones, one of the recent use-cases of geo-fencing technology in India was earlier in April when the pandemic initially broke out. The state government of Tamil Nadu leveraged the technology to ensure quarantine. Thus, when a mobile device leaves or enters a restricted area, an alarm sets off.

When it comes to drone and counter-drone technology market, our country is still at a nascent stage. However, the government’s decision to allow usage of drones for covid-19 relief works recently has posed a new window of opportunity for drone manufacturers as well as for various private organisations. In addition to this, it has also paved way for an array of new commercial applications of drones and counter-drones.

Bharat Aero team has been working closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers of counter-drone solutions. As much as drone technology is advancing, the risks associated with it are also increasing. Therefore, in our bid to ensure that organisations become well-equipped to tackle drone-related challenges, we have been putting our best foot forward in our research works in EMW Analytics.


Last modified: November 2, 2020

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