How a humble Indian startup is building AI chatbots for global businesses!

AxleWeb Technologies, focuses on Chatbots, Alexa skills and AI powered digital assistants. It has over 150 clients across the world, besides a yearly turnover of around Rs 28 lakh in FY 2020.

A web development company, AxleWeb Technologies was launched by Anshul Shrivastava in 2019. The firm helps several brands launch chatbots on their Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media platforms. The humble startup builds them from hinterland India for global businesses.

Other than the chatbots, AxleWeb also develops products, such as Alexa Skills, Google Home Actions and other voice platforms. The company has also been recognized by the government’s startup India initiative, not before the firm faced its own share of challenges. “It was hard for people to believe that a small town like Rewa could have a tech company. But, now, it is not a problem anymore,” says Anshul while recalling how people used to think that they are being hired for a fake company.

Anshul had started his journey by taking up freelance projects, besides his day job to build websites for smaller businesses. He had to rope in more freelancers as the work grew by leaps and bounds. However, the tables turned for Anshul when a project opportunity opened up in London. He learned about advanced website development, mobile app development, chatbots, Alexa, etc., and started developing chatbots for small businesses in London.

As more people started contacting Anshul for the service, he resigned from the job and started a development company in 2019. He incepted AxleWeb Technologies, focused on Chatbots, Alexa skills and AI powered digital assistants. Since then, Anshul has nearly spent Rs 30 lakh on office rent, hiring, technology and product development. However, the team has also grown as the employee count has almost doubled to 11.

AxleWeb Technologies charges a one-time development fee based on the requirements of the project. The company is working towards building a SAAS-based software product to charge recurring monthly fees for the service. Currently, it has over 150 clients across the world, besides a yearly turnover of around Rs 28 lakh, as per FY-2020.

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Srinivasan Vedam

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