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One of India’s leading companies for small UAV production and services, Edall Systems has declared aspirations to expand beyond the government sector, citing its experience with consumer drones as a competitive advantage. The compsny has received a pre-series A financing from Boundary Holding, a European deep-tech investment organisation.

Rajat Khare Edall Systems

Rajat Khare Edall Systems

The unknown cash will go towards the company’s goal of becoming a prominent player in aerospace product development. Edall Systems’ impressive client list includes L&T, TATA, Bosch, Indian Railways, DRDO, and LRDE Lab.

When it comes to funding, Rajat Khare’s Boundary Holding was the first to invest in Edall Systems. It focuses on companies that combine cutting-edge technology in the fields of IoT, drones, robots, big data, and health. Rajat Khare’s investment in Edall Systems is a significant step forward for the UAV maker. Unlike other companies that primarily serve the defence sector, Edall Systems, based in Bangalore, aims to grow beyond the government sector having secured the necessary finance.

It has previously created drones for civilian use, giving it a leg up on its competitors in the congested UAV market. The company customises drones for enterprises, and its product price range is competitive, with a concentration on off-the-shelf drones similar to those made by Chinese companies.

In 2021, the global drone business, which is currently controlled by the US, China, and Israel, will be worth $28.47 billion. According to BIS Research, India’s contribution is only 4.25 percent, but the paradigm change is obvious, especially in light of recent events in the South Asian country.


One of Edall Systems’ best-selling products is the WhiteHawk (quadcopter), a new-age drone with a maximum take-off weight of 2kg and a payload weight of 150gm. The advanced drone has a 30-minute flight time and a 10 m/s cruise speed.

Edall Systems focuses on markets, such as land evaluation, detailed documentation, mapping surveys, and operations. Hundreds of aerial photos are gathered before being stitched together digitally, creating a larger and more composite image with professional mapping tools.

Founder of Boundary Holding, Rajat Khare

Rajat Khare is a co-author of the book “Make The Move — Demystifying Entrepreneurship,” and is an IIT Delhi alumnus. He has cofounded and exited enterprises in education, franchising, government information technology, data analytics, and hedge funds as a serial entrepreneur. He is presently the CEO of Boundary Holding, a firm that focuses on active early-stage investments around the world. He is a regular practitioner of Vipassana meditation and Yoga, and he incorporates his lessons and philosophy into his ventures.

Basic Information

Name Rajat Khare
Category Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Investor
Alma Mater Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Occupation Founder, Boundary Holding, Investor
Rajat Khare’s  Age Not Available
Publication ‘Make the Move’ – Demystifying Entrepreneurship
LinkedIn Rajat Khare LinkedIn
Facebook Rajat Khare Facebook

Rajat has also been used as a case study in Professor Patrick Turner’s Entrepreneurship course at INSEAD Business School. Rajat Khare is a member of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), an IIT Delhi alumni group, and the Indian angel network. Over 20 major conferences and events around the world have featured him as a keynote speaker.

Rajat Khare Investments

Year Company name Description
2018 XR Vision Boundary Holding invested in Singapore-based XRVision to leverage its potential in Facial Recognition and Video content analytics market.
2019 Asteria Rajat Khare founded Boundary Holding invested in Asteria Aerospace, a robotics and AI company from Bengaluru, to enhance the growth of UAVs and offer AI solutions to different sectors. However, last year, the company had successfully exited Asteria Aerospace after Mukesh Ambani-led conglomerate RIL acquired about 51.7% of its stake.
2019 Konux By investing in Konux, an Industrial IoT and AI analytics company based in Munich, Germany, Boundary Holding forayed into the Industrial IoT industry, which holds immense potential for AI-based critical infrastructure overhaul, including changes to its transport, utility and logistics system.
2019 Cerbair By investing in French-based Technofounders startup, Cerbair, Boundary Holding aspired for the growth of automatic protection of vulnerable facilities, and critical infrastructure which includes monitoring of UAVs.
2020 InfiniDome Boundary Holding founded by Rajat Khare invested in InfiniDome, a cyber-startup to protect AI-equipped driverless vehicles.
2020 Internest Internest, a Paris-based startup, received funding from Boundary Holding in 2020. With this investment, the company looked to expand its clientele and partnership across various logistics and transportation by leveraging robust and precise positioning Local Landing System (LoLaS).
2020 Elistair Elistair, a French manufacturer of automated tethered UAV systems, raised funding from Rajat Khare founded Boundary Holding in 2020.
2020 Ranmarine Netherlands-based cleantech startup, Ranmarine raised funding from Luxembourg-based Boundary Holding. Its recent funding is aimed at fostering the growth of green solutions to the complex problems, also referred to cleantech.
2020 Aeraccess Aeraccess, a French technology solutions provider received funding from Boundary Holding to tap its potential for becoming a UAV market leader. The company aims to utilize the capital for expanding its business across the Asian market, with a special focus on India.
2021 Bleenco Bleenco is a Munich-based company building software platform for industrial automation. Our proprietary multi-sided platform addresses some of the biggest challenges in field of safety and operational efficiency.
2021 Astrocast Astrocast SA is the most advanced SatIoT Service for customers looking to track, monitor, manage, and communicate with assets in remote regions of the world. With the world’s most innovative nanostatelliite network, Astrocast delivers a complete end-to-end, direct-to-orbit service that, state-of-the-art communication modules, and enterpriseclass services.
2021 Japet Medical Japet Medical Devices is a French biomedical company developing robotic equipment for the most advanced quality of treatment. They dedicate each day to develop efficient and user-friendly innovative solutions with the belief that these technologies will change the quality of life of many people.
2021 EdallSystems EdallSystems provide Educational Service (Aerospace Engineering Training), UAV development, Engineering Service(Lab Development) and consulting in INDIA. Their moto is to become a major Product Development company in the filed of Aerospace In India and to support and Develop Aerospace products in India.
2021 Scewo Scewo is a medical technology platform that develops stair-climbing wheelchair. Founded in 2017, the company is headquartered in Winterthur, Zurich, Switzerland.

Conclusion: Boundary Holding’s investment comes at a good time for Edall Systems, as drone regulations are being eased. This would help India’s drone industry grow and encourage a variety of businesses.

Last modified: March 26, 2022

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