Slanzer presents wide range of Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless is the new trend! This century is advanced where most of the things not only infuse state of the art technology, but concept of wireless items as well, for easy accessibility of the item or product. The recent advancement in gadget industry which is creating hype is Wireless Bluetooth Speaker which has created a special place in hearts of music lovers.

Slanzer presents wide range of Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Slanzer presents wide range of Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Apart from easy portability, Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are power efficient, installation free and affordable as compared to huge speakers, and these Wireless Bluetooth Speakers also give equal pleasure like those grand speakers.

In order to remain up-to-date and cater the needs of people as per the hour, Slanzer Technology has launched its impeccable range of Wireless Bluetooth Speakers which are not only captivating, but have been strategically designed as well.

Slanzer has a wide range of Wireless Bluetooth Speakers to choose from. These items are available in different versions of V2.1 EDR and V4.0. Their impedance varies between 6 Ω and 32 Ω. With transmission range of minimum 10 meters, a few of these wireless Bluetooth Speakers comes with standby time of maximum 15 days. These devices have output capacity of 5W*2, 70db; 3W*2, 70db; 3W*2, 95db and 3W*2, 80db. Each of these Slanzer Wireless Bluetooth Speakers comes with the Support Profile of HSP/HFP.

Slanzer is a technology oriented company occupied in developing high quality gadget and accessories with wholehearted commitment to quality, trust and service. The concept of these strength pillars has also been used in logo of the Slanzer Technologies Pvt Ltd, which was established by industry experts with experience of more than 2 decades in gadgets and electronics’ industry.

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Slanzer Technology
SLANZER TECHNOLOGY serves customers all over the world and is thrilled to be a part of the quirky wing of the gadget industry. Our aim is to make excellent quality accessories accessible to whoever wants them, anywhere in the world, at highly competitive prices.
  • amit kumar

    Nice and informative article. It talks about the wireless trend that has become a new trend in this century. The advancement in gadeget industry is creating a lot of resonancing amazing the teens.The wireless bluetooth speaker created a much excitement among the teens. The sound quality, the installation all are so easy and affordable.The speakers provide the pleasure like grand speakers.

  • kamal singh

    I have always been a fan of Slanzer electronics and this speaker does not disappoint me either. One of the best speaker I had ever seen amazing sound quality.The sound qulaity is too amazing,the speaker is awesome. Slanzer is one of the company that provides various gadget and accessories with best quality and you can really trust this company.

  • lakshay pal

    Recently bought slanzer Data cable, it works very nicely with my one plus one, the cost is also minimal. I find no cons in this product, product quality is also good.Slanzer OTG makes me free from the use of a Laptop. We can transfer movie from pen drive to our phone in seconds as well as in folders too. And being a movie lover I love this device.

  • ashu verma

    I got slanzer BT001 speaker as a gift and really enjoy it! It has a great sounds quality and the bass is amazing. The battery works for a long time. I really recommend this speaker to people who want a good and portable speaker.

  • indrajeet singh

    Slanzer BT001,this speaker is just amazing! It definitely has the best sound in this class. High bass and crystal clear sound. This is so far my best purchase that I ever did! I just love this speaker. Keep up the good work slanzer.Would recommend people to buy the speaker from Slanzer only as the service that they provide are out of the world and the company of slanzer is well aware of the needs of their customers.