Slanzer Technology hopeful with Make in India week

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Slanzer Technology hopeful with Make in India week

Slanzer Technology hopeful with Make in India week

The Make in India week just got started and the initiative is already catching fire as the stage during the event witnessed the same. Like, literally! People are calling it not a good start but on the other hand, there is no lack of such people who are still hopeful with the event and wishing for its well-execution.

Slanzer Technology is one of those hopeful organizations which are supporting the Make In India week even during the crucial hours of stirred hopes. The gadget accessory expert put its operations in fourth gear after the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi unveiled the initiative Make In India. Slanzer keeps on exploring the unexplored dimensions of gadget accessories as it keeps introducing its top-notch products every now and then.

An official spokesperson on behalf of Slanzer Technology showed the enthusiasm of the organization to a concerned media person while telling him about Slanzer’s strategies to cover the gadget accessory market in times to come. He additionally told that Slanzer Technology laid its foundation on three pillars of Quality, Trust and Service. Even the colors used to describe its principles; vision and mission signify power, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction and encouragement along with growth, harmony and fertility. With the freshness of elegance and enthusiasm, Slanzer Technology Pvt Ltd is proceeding on the path of success with diversified ranges of Handfree, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, USB cables/ chargers, selfie stick and what not.

Slanzer went through a lot to reach the place it is hoisting the flag of its success and that is why the gadget accessory expert is considering the fire incidences like the one at Make In India, as a minute barricade which cannot shake the pillars of a noble initiative’s hopes and determination. These are mere sticks and stones which cannot break their bones. That is why one should not give up on the determination of proceeding and hence succeeding.

Last modified: February 17, 2016

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