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Wasting time is a luxury that has become too expensive to afford. Our lives are set in frenzy where we are always on the go. And simplifying these hectic times for us are our gadgets and accessories.

We are constantly living on the brink of technological revolutions. Every few months, the market is flooded with various new gadgets and along with it ushers a need for a whole new set of accessories to run these new gadgets.  It becomes a somewhat-daunting task to choose the right accessory. Questions of compatibility, safety, efficacy and quality fluster our mind. This is where Slanzer steps in to sort things for customers.

Slanzer Technology Pvt Ltd has been established in order to provide consumers with latest gadget accessories. The company indulges in creating high quality gadget accessories compatible with a variety of products and platforms. With commitment to Quality, Trust and Service, Slanzer has taken to providing consumers with accessories that allow them to stay updated with technology.

Among popular accessories that Slanzer offers consumers include Bluetooth Speakers, USB-Cables, USB chargers, Bluetooth Handsfree device, Earphones with microphone, HDMI Cable, Power Banks and Aux Cable.

Slanzer was incepted by members with vast experience of more than 20 years in Electronics and gadgets industry. Driven by a passion for gadgets and technology, they came together to fill a gap that existed in the industry by manufacturing high quality gadget accessories. Slanzer now serves customers across various countries and is a part of the quirky wing of the gadget industry.

The logo of Slanzer symbolizes presence of Slanzer among the masses. The three outstretched arms signify the three core values of the brand Slanzer- Quality, Trust & Service. The logo also represents company’s idea of all inclusive growth along with showcasing happiness in its customers.

The logo is made up of 3 colours, each having its own significance.

Last modified: December 28, 2015

4 Responses to :
Slanzer Technology – redefining gadget accessories

  1. Avatar Ranjana tiwari says:

    Quality wise their products are awesome…

    price wise ok ok…

    comparison to other it’s too good…

    style wise great…

    overall their products are good for me…

  2. Avatar Raghav patel says:

    I had purchased hands free of slanzer. After using I can say that their hands free is superb, the sound quality is like JBL.Wonderful product ,amazing quality and I would recommed everyone to buy mobile accessories from here.

  3. Avatar Vipul Mehra says:

    is a well know name for mobile accessories their every product has unique
    style and I love to buy all mobile accessories from here.

  4. Avatar Umang khurana says:

    The accessories of slanzer are very good in quality and the prices are reasonable. According to me this is one of the best device accessories company.

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