Slanzer unveils the five astounding gizmos to hit market in time

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Slanzer Technology Pvt Ltd has been a benchmark company for the production of high quality gadget accessories and has swiftly gained repute in this industry like none other. Since Slanzer offers a range of products which are out of the ordinary, it ensures to provide that information which is based on research and facts for enhancing its visitor’s knowledge and making their experience worth. Slanzer Technology, being an industry expert, aims to let people aware of ever-growing technologies and has rundown few gadgets which are coming in light soon.

Minifort brings in one such gadget Min7, a multifunction wooden speaker which has a superior stereo quality in a portable size. With both wired and wireless connectivity options augmented Min7 is going to be an audio-visual delight.

Slanzer Technology unveils the five astounding gizmos to hit market in time

Slanzer Technology unveils the five astounding gizmos to hit market in time

Well! People would now travel around with a Lifepack instead of a backpack. It is a super-functional, anti-theft backpack that has a built-in solar USB charger, a portable Bluetooth speaker, an integrated lock, and a well-organized storage facility.

Nervana, a headphone that drives feelings is yet another machine to wait for. It can stimulate the body’s pleasure center in synchronicity to music i.e. Nervana headphones are neurotransmitters that releases low power electrical signals to brain indulging various feelings like happiness, enjoyment, and mild euphoria.

A smart umbrella, Oombrella that connects with Smartphone through Bluetooth has a sensor which measures different environmental parameters to guide users through innate weather notifications about possibilities of rain event, also notifies about incoming calls and messages coming into connected Smartphone.

Triton Scuba Mask, acts as a pair of artificial gills for breathing that can eliminate large tank of compressed air to enhance one’s underwater experience for 45 minutes with a fully-charged battery. It utilizes a material known as microporous hollow fiber that works as a filter to extract oxygen from liquid water molecules

It is time to save some golden pennies to stock these stunning gizmos for mind-blowing experience.

Last modified: April 6, 2016

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