Fear not the breach: How to stay cyber-secure while working from home amid COVID-19 outbreak

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“Globally renowned firm with most of the clients pan Asia, Wynyard Group has already safeguarded crucial data and information from the intruders for critical sectors.”

In the wake of Coronavirus outbreak, several organisations promoting work from home certainly counts as a major workplace flexibility for employees. On the other hand, it is a newfound opportunity for cyber attackers to carry out malicious activities and misuse your crucial data. Each time the employees connect to the enterprise network from home, they leave a scope for threats related to data breach. Thus, it becomes imperative for the organisations to ensure the safety of their data outside the workplace and prevent it from all kinds of threats.

Working from home tends to increase cyber security risks for all sectors, especially the ones dealing with critical information. Cybercriminals are exploiting the COVID-19 outbreak to spread virus-related phishing mails and vulnerable links to employees for gathering and selling the information to business rivals. They deem the pandemic situation as a good time to launch a series of attacks to exploit the businesses and thus, it becomes important to control the situation.

Several networks are already infused with malware or compromised hardware that can lead to an alarming situation. Without appropriate security measures, office systems are far more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is therefore important for organisations to defend attacks and safeguard their crucial data.

To overcome these challenges, a sequence of customised solutions is required to prevent the risks of data breach. Wynyard Group, a Hong Kong-based organisation dealing in cyber security analytics software, has understood the need of the hour and designed a world-class software to tackle the situation and prevent the risks of data breach.

Globally renowned firm with most of the clients pan Asia, Wynyard Group has already safeguarded crucial data and information from the intruders for critical sectors. Backed with a team of industry experts and professionals, the company controls the situation in real-time by offering advanced cyber security analytics software. It majorly deals in developing large turnkey projects and executing their upgradation. The USP of Wynyard Group among all other firms offering cyber security solutions is the deployment of its experts at client sites to avoid any risk of data leakage or misuse of technology. Additionally, voice analytics technology developed by its cyber experts is under the patenting process. Their cybersecurity team is already watching out for social engineering attacks by monitoring the Network Operations Center (NOC) 24X7 and confusing the attackers by knowing their tricks and psychology in advance.

With the increasing number of cyber attackers across the world running phishing scams, it is important to undertake appropriate cyber security measures. Certainly, considering the impact of COVID-19 outbreak, it becomes imperative for us to remain safe, both offline as well as online.

Last modified: June 25, 2020

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