Zoom lapses yet again, CEO announces conducting a comprehensive security review

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FBI claims the video-conferencing app is prone to hacking.

While some businesses and companies have suspended their operations, some have opted to choose work from home following nationwide lockdown which was announced on 25th March 2020. Since it is not plausible to meet in person, the business operations are being conducted via video-conferencing. One app that has benefitted the most amidst this lockdown is Zoom. From government bodies, companies to individuals, the users of the video-conferencing app have only grown in numbers.

However, there is a growing fear that data is being leaked and meetings are being hijacked- Zoombombed. Although Zoom Video Communications CEO Eric S Yuan has apologized for these lapses, one of its shareholders sued the company alleging that some security flaws were hidden.

Zoom has decided to hire Alex Stamos, former Chief security officer of Facebook, as an outside advisor, after it came under the scanner for security lapses. Due to widespread COVID-19 restrictions around the world, the usage of app skyrocketed however, Zoombombing and other privacy issues have welcomed huge criticism. Several schools in the US earlier reported that unidentified persons accessed classes conducted through Zoom. Thus, it was slammed for the lack of users privacy and security by the FBI, claiming that it was also prone to hacking.

An Indian public-sector bank that was using Zoom to interact is now rethinking the strategy. In comparison with 1 million users in December 2019, the app’s popularity soared with over 200 million users in March, just within the span of 3 months. Recently, Yuan laid out a 90-day plan to better identify, address and improve the security of Zoom’s platform.

Last modified: April 11, 2020

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