4 trends for brides-to-be for 2016 by Motisons Jewellers

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Motisons Jewellers Owner talks about the bridal trends that are going to follow 2k16. This year, it is going to about innovation and colors, with shades of all kinds, be they as eccentric as Prussian blue or as bright as crimson. Read on to read the 4 trends that Motisons believes will be seen through the year end.

Motisons Jewellers -Necklaces-cum-headgears

Motisons Jewellers -Necklaces-cum-headgears

As we said, it’s time for innovation. People are demanding multi-functional jewellery now, says Motisons Jewellers. So, be bold to try that gold neck piece which always looked better as a headgear, or tiaras or maangtikkas. Or go vice-versa. Make your maangtikka a striking pendant. It is all about the way you like it.


Yes, they are back. Leave behind delicate bracelets and go traditional with this piece of jewellery. Haathphool comprises a bracelet that is linked to one or more finger rings. It looks bold with a defining elegance, so carry it with your grace, encrusted in white gold and platinum, says Motisons Jewellers.

 Finger rings

Motisons Jewellers- Ring

Motisons Jewellers- Ring

Go for anything that clicks your mind – midi rings, stackable, thumb rings, index rings, and what not this year. Motisons believes that rings are the most special of all the jewellery pieces because they are often used as a present. Your wedding ring, your mother’s ring, and engraved-with-messages ring, they have a special touch about themselves. So, brides-to-be, make sure that you choose the ones you love.

Spring is here

2016 will be a year of colors. Go for sapphires, tanzanites, emeralds or rubies, anything that’s your color and style. Motisons says that the year is bold and more open to experimentation. So, make the most of it and go your way.

Last modified: March 3, 2016

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