As COVID-19 spreads, Pakistan tries to ‘Influence’ Indian Muslims via false propaganda and cyber war

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Even though the countries around the world are fighting the COVID-19 crisis, Pakistani intelligence is trying  on fuel anti-India sentiment. As India fights the virus aggressively by effective enforcement of lockdown, the Pakistani deep state is in a coordinated effort has been targeting the country and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media.

In a report, titled ‘Project Digital Vaccine: Weaponising Disinformation to Destroy COVID19 Lockdowns’, put together by cyber experts of Delhi Police’s Special Branch: “Several of the videos (circulated on social media in the last one week) appear to be shot in Pakistan and Middle East but audio in Hindi has been superimposed to create a Hindi video.”

“Videos of Muslims refusing to get themselves tested and beating medical personnel are also being spread with request to do the same and inspire other Muslim brothers. These disinformation/fake news videos watched by millions of users may end up influencing the thoughts of a large section of people in the targeted religion,” Stated in the report.

How social media is begin used for such influences :

According to a report on the Hindustan Times, terror groups funded by the Pakistan deep state first made an appearance on social media platforms before it launched the first attack in Srinagar. This is done to incite the locals who might sympathize for the same cause if in case, the terrorists attack.

Furthermore, there has been a systematic rise in fake propaganda, especially in Gulf countries which clearly shows imprints of the involvement of Pakistan ISI, a top government official told Hindustan Times.

For instance, two twitter trends were powered by entities in Pakistan, namely  “ShameOnModi” and “ChaosInIndia” on two consecutive days. The campaign was driven by the circulation of video clips of isolated incidents of attacks of harassment of Muslim individuals in India to project that the entire community was under attack, later they were linked to some old incidents.

As per the assessment by security agencies, Twitter handles can be classified into four categories- aggregators, feeders, spreaders and influencers. Officials said, there was a clear plan and organized effort to target New Delhi as there was no doubt left as the finding revealed that most of these feeders were created between January and April.

While the world is looking for a solution to minimize the impact of a novel coronavirus, Pakistan instead of investing money on improving its existing healthcare, unabashedly is taking advantage of this critical situation- to provoke disorder.

Last modified: April 28, 2020

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