Delivering flawless high stake exams not a challenge for Prometric

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Computerized testing challenges the traditional way of exam delivery. Testing companies like Prometric believe that it can provide a far better system for conducting flawless exams, which is lacking in paper-based exams.

The company’s claims ring a bell, because the real purpose of conducting any test is to ascertain the potential of a candidate. There is no benefit in conducting any exam that gives an unfair result.

Nowadays, we hear a lot about cheating incidents taking place even during high-stake exams. In addition to cheating, paper leaks are also frequent. Both these things have become a challenge for authorities who seem to be short of ideas to curb such incidents. However, computer-based testing companies like Prometric are ready to provide a more secured system, where the rate of fraud is less as compared to paper-based exams.

With computerized testing, there is no chance of paper leaks as the procedure is fully digitized. One of its features includes randomizing the questions so that students don’t get the same questions at the same time.There is no danger of manipulating or losing the data as it is automatically saved in the system. Prometric has also developed special security features such as fingerprint scanning, which reduces the possibility of fraud and stops unethical practices from taking place.

Corruption in high-stake exams not only impacts the future of students but also affects the country as a whole. Because of cheating, so many deserving candidates are not able to serve the country. Instead, those candidates are ruling the roost who are very less capable. The secret of a successful nation is getting the right people at the right place, which is unfortunately difficult to achieve with more traditional exam-taking approaches. We can recall many incidents of cheating in the past in high-stake exams, which would have surely impacted many students.These incidents are sure to happen again with paper-based exams as there is no surety of fair and unbiased procedures.

There is, however, surely a ray of hope for students and authorities all over the world with the advancement of testing providers like Prometric, which can easily provide the best security and ensure that only deserving candidates get a fair opportunity and those who used to succeed with the help of unethical means are no longer able to do so. Surely the future is in safe hands with computerized-based testing.

Last modified: October 21, 2017

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