Financial Technologies subjected to unfair treatment

Financial Technologies Group

Financial Technologies Group

  • Investigation by multiple agencies in the same issue
  • Though investigations are not complete and the promoters(Jignesh Shah) not held guilty, they are subjected to excessive harassment
  • Rumours about Jignesh Shah that have no basis and far from reality
  • Relief and recovery measures of FTIL are not recognised
  • Continuous threats in terms of change of management of FTIL which are adversely affecting the recovery process and crisis resolution
  • Loss of Exchanges and ecosystem ventures at distress that FTIL has pioneered and so passionately developed
  • Closure/Sale of companies
  • Loss of business growth
  • Job losses in group companies affecting hundreds of families
  • Decline in the commodity exchange business after the exit of the promoters
  • Loss to scores of small businesses that depended on the FTIL group for various support services

NSEL has been needlessly punished and so has the Financial Technologies Group. Assets of the defaulters worth Rs 5000 crore have been seized for attachment by EOW, which is close to the Rs 5690 crore settlement due. The Government should take all the measures possible to dispose of these assets in order to bring an early resolution to the problem.

FTIL and the managerial professionals be absolved from the not ‘Fit and Proper’ declaration by the FMC, which was made without proper examination and investigation of all the factors concerned and without considering the judicial process currently in progress.

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Sameer Sharma

Sameer Sharma

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  • Mudhusudhan

    It should not be blemished untill the fair allegation is not to be proved exactly.

  • Madhusudhan

    It should not be blemished untill the fair allegation is not to be proved exactly.

  • Shastri

    As per the article said that NSEL has been punished needlessly, is not true as we know that the important role of NSEL in the economy portfolio. So I think it should not be in dubious act as it has all past fair records.

  • Rishab bajaj

    It’s a very serious problematic issue for Financial technology group as they have never tried to scam with anyone instead of striven to make its growth a story for India to take pride in.they should be given a fair chance to justify themselves.

  • Saurav

    Its totally a unfair injustice in adverse to NSEL. unintentionally Govt should need to take all possible measure to disposed of these assets in order to bring early resolution to the problem.

  • Mahesh gupta

    It is this seriously a unfair treatment that compelled NSEL to communicate with the wider public on various issues leading to the problem at NSEL and developments thereafter.

  • Rishab goshal

    What a blame game, well played by anyone who is involve in such disgusting act to blaming Mr. Jignesh Shah. Can’t they see the previous records achieved by him and the contribution which he has made to the future generation financial market.

  • Sudhir

    Great conspiracy against FTIL. It not good.

  • Avdesh kumar

    I would like to take the initiative to speak in favor of FTIL. I don’t believe in this conspiracy.

    • HarshatMehta

      Yes i also think like that person like Jignesh Shah who started from scratch can’t do the wrong things because i have read his journey which is kind of amazing story and can’t be ignored