Galgotias University all set to compete in NASA Rover Challenge 2016

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Galgotias University is all set to participate in the NASA Rover Challenge (previously known as The Great Moobuggy Race) which is to be held from April 7-9 2016 at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Clearing the complex selection process, the university has been selected to compete in the challenge. It is the only educational institution in Delhi & NCR selected to participate in the NASA Rover Challenge for 5 years in a row. Only 4 teams from each country (except the USA) are selected to participate in the challenge. It is yet another benchmark of success established by the University. The outstanding performance of the university at the NASA Rover Challenge since the past 5 years is a fine example of its zeal to excel in each and every field.

The team which represented Galgotias University last year ranked 31st/122 and and had the best national time at the NASA Rover Challenge under the leadership of team adviser Ms Vinnie Mathur (Dean Student Affairs) and technical guidance of Dr. B V Babu (Vice Chancellor) and Dr. P. K. S. Nain (Dean School of Chemical and Mechanical Engg. The team of Galgotias University is all set and geared up to face the challenge. Bilal Hasan  Khan, vice captain of the team, said that the team  has learned a lot about the competition from the previous experiences and is planning to implement a new strategy to tackle all the challenges they have faced so far.  Galgotians are very confident about this year and excited about the new theme of the race.

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Last modified: November 25, 2015

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