Ground-breaking technology is what keeps Jignesh Shah’s FTIL ahead of times

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Jignesh Shah FTIL, the Founder of Financial Technologies (India) Limited (FTIL), had a vision of changing the scenario of India’s finance sector. A brief stint with the Bombay Stock Exchange gave this Mechanical Engineer an impetus to develop a futuristic model that revolutionized the stock market with technology.
The result was for all to see. Shah’s FTIL not only initiated online trading in India, but it also changed the way we perceive stock trading. Till early 2000, the Indian stock market was way behind in the technology aspect. Barely a couple of products were traded on the stock exchanges during this period that failed to make any impact. India was far from being a global entity.
It was the FT Group that enabled the Indian stock market to spread far and wide, and reach out to millions of investors.
FTIL boasts of trading terminals situated in nearly 3,000 towns and cities. It’s a feat of sorts that the corporation is providing technical know how to half a million trading terminals in the Indian stock market. Efficient price discovery process and the possibility of diverse hedging of products are just to name a few.
That’s not all. FTIL has given a lot of tech edge to its investors. Tailor-made affordable technologies dispense, real-time information that keeps the investors updated every single minute. FTIL also ensures the payment processes are hassle-free.
FTIL’s advantages are not limited to the financial market alone. A report prepared by MCX, in association with Tata Institute of Social Sciences have pointed that FTIL has made a positive social impact too. FTIL has created job opportunities, opened up financial access to local communities, and thus contribute to the growth of local entrepreneurship.
It’s the passion of Founder Jignesh Shah that has been driving Jignesh Shah FTIL. Thanks to his efforts, India gained an edge in the global exchange markets.

Last modified: October 1, 2016

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