Haldirams Nagpur, a tough competition for KurKure

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Kurkure, Lay’s, Bingo and all those brands which pioneered the Indian Territory bearing the South Asian taste buds’ needs in mind and certainly did a commendable job on their part. They justified the phrase ‘In Rome, do as the Roman do’ by coming out as a successful brand with their Indian ingredients’ experiment. But, there is always a but, which is a hindrance in a smooth process and that ‘but’ in case of Internationally-Nationally acclaimed brands is known as Haldirams. Kurkure was introduced in 1999 and Haldirams started covering Indian snacks market just two years after that with its wide assortment of Namkeens. Chips were already a part of Haldirams Nagpur’s (current headquarters) marketing strategy since 90’s and that is the reason why the Indian sweets and snacks’ giant imported chips production machinery specially from United states.


Now the question comes why calling Haldirams, the snacks giant. Well, the London-based market research firm, Euromonitor did an analysis in 2015 itself, in which they found 18% of Indian snacks’ market has been covered by Haldirams only, followed by Lay’s and Kurkure with 15.2% and 14.3% market share respectively. Gujarata-based Balaji stood with 7.5% shares and ITC’s Bingo was found catering 6.6% needs.

Haldirams Nagpur alone is fighting a number of snacks giants alone. Like the variants that Lay’s is serving, Haldirams is an old player in that market. A common Indian would prefer Haldirams potato chips over classic salted offered by Lay’s. Indian masala of Lay’s and Haldirams masala give a tough competition to each other. Kurkure jumped in namkeen segment just now but Haldirams has already taken over it with its Navratan Mix, Kaju Special, Khatta Meetha, Aloo Bhujiya, Kashmiri Mix, Panchratan and so many others.

Whenever any festival knocks on the door, Haldirams is one of those rare food and beverages expert which would go an extra mile to serve you customised sweets and new range for that time being, until your festive spirits decide to take a break till next festival.

Last modified: July 11, 2016

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Haldirams Nagpur, a tough competition for KurKure

  1. Avatar Neha Sharma says:

    haldirams is the best..i am totally trust on this brand..even i always buy haldirams product and it is too best in taste and so fresh.

  2. Avatar Sunitha Malhotra says:

    Great job haldirams…

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