Islamic scholar urges Haj pilgrims not to take selfies

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Riyadh, Oct 13 (IANS) A prominent Saudi Islamic scholar has urged pilgrims not to indulge in taking “selfies” while performing Haj, saying the new rampant phenomenon distracts worshippers from completing the rituals they came for, media reported Monday.

“People often do it to show off, potentially disqualifying their entire act of worship and affecting the divine reward they would get for coming here,” the Arab News quoted Ali bin Abdul Aziz Al-Shibal, a member of a Haj awareness committee and lecturer at the Majmaah University, as saying.
“Taking photos to let others know where you are or to show that you are engaging in good deeds affects the purity of intention and simply defies the purpose,” he said.
“That is not to mention the fact that other pilgrims will inevitably show up in the photos, violating privacy and rights and creating potential security issues.”
According to Al-Shibal, Islam prohibits Muslims from imitating such forms of non-Muslim culture and traditions.
“Muslims should be proud of their own culture,” he added.

Last modified: October 13, 2014