Jignesh Shah, the entrepreneur who raised a finance empire with his entrepreneurial spirit

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Jignesh Shah, the Founder of Financial Technologies (India) Limited (FTIL), started off his business in exchange technology, set up numerous bourses – both commodities and equity – and made his impact in many related businesses.

Jignesh Shah, FTIL, Financial Technologies
Jignesh Shah, a first generation entrepreneur,established the FTIL, a group that grew man if old within a short span. Jignesh Shah built India’s biggest commodity stock exchange, MCX, which dominated the Indian commodities trade from the day it was founded. Since the technology used by MCX came from its parent company FTIL, the exchange professed lower transaction charges for investors and acted as a money spinner for the Group. Shah’s career saw a meteoric rise, as MCX changed the age-old regional commodity exchanges for futures trading in agricultural products as well as metals with the nation wide electronic trading platform.
Very soon, Shah established National Bulk Handling Corporation (NBHC) ─ another subsidiary that encompassed the nation’s largest warehousing facilities, the National Spot Exchange and a real time market data provider, Ticker Plant.Shah then went on to setup the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX). Jignesh Shah once mentioned, ”You may find hundreds of new billion-dollar companies in the stock market, but if you don’t involve 100 million people, the growth has no meaning in a country of a billion-plus,”.He went ahead with the launch of ATOM (Anytime Transactional Mobile) technology that enabled the technology while shopping from the mobile handset. Jignesh Shah has proved that everything is possible. All you need is the courage to think beyond the walls, and the determination to materialize those dreams. The rest, as they say, shall follow.

Last modified: August 25, 2016

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